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Introducing Dr Kimoto's Original Foot Peel Formula

This is a best-selling foot peel and with very good reason. It is quite simply amazing and anyone who tries it and follows the instructions, is astounded at the results (and if we are really honest, completely fascinated and sometimes a little shocked when the peeling starts). Don't look so worried! Honestly, the peeling process is completely painless.

You know when your feet are looking a rather dry, calloused and generally a bit sorry for themselves? Maybe they've had a hard winter being stuck inside a pair of boots day in, day out or maybe we've just been so busy that we've simply neglected them. Either way, they need some TLC and trust us, our home use foot peel is way better, more convenient and much cheaper than getting a pedicure...

Why is our foot peel so good? Shhhhhhhh... the secret is in Dr Kimoto's industry-leading, clinically proven formula, which uses safe and effective extracts of fruit acids that won't burn or irritate your skin. After the initial moisturising boost from the peel, over the next few days, you'll watch tough calluses, and dead skin begin to peel away while the formula is working its magic.

It has a simple to use, three-step process:

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  • Your feet work hard every day -

  • Give them a holiday.
  • Dr Kimoto's Original Foot Peel Formula

  • Guaranteed to give you baby soft feet

Your feet work hard every day -

Give them a holiday.

Dr Kimoto's Original Foot Peel Formula

Guaranteed to give you baby soft feet

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I have tried everything for my feet but nothing worked at all. This is something else!! It's unbelievable how the dead skin just peels away. These socks are unreal. Can't praise them enough.

Estelle Le Bon

Wow! Does exactly what it says - totally removes hard skin! Boy, when it starts peeling it's a gross type of niceness! Need to hide your feet whilst it's working though... Would deffo buy again.

J. Woolston

This peel really works. I've always been sceptical of these kinds of treatments but this stuff is amazing. My feet are now acceptable and I can actually wear open toed shoes without feeling ashamed. 



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