How to use a foot peel for lasting results

Smooth, soft, sandal-friendly feet may seem a little mythical for those of us who are leading hectic lives seemingly always on the go, but here’s some good news - actually they're not that hard to achieve and only require minimal time and effort to do so. If you're wondering how; read on my friend - now's the time to find out how to use a baby foot peel.

Right now, you might be wondering what on earth a baby foot peel even is? Firstly, let me clarify, a baby foot peel is not for use on babies! No siree. It is designed for adults and has been created to transform one’s struggling feet into ‘baby soft’ feet, that you no longer have to be embarrassed about displaying publicly.

Enriched with fruit acids, foot peels soak into your skin over the course of an hour of wearing them and then, over the coming week, gently encourage the old, hard, dry foot skin to slough away, revealing brand new, baby soft, smooth feet. The peeling process itself is rather fascinating, watching as your feet shed their skin like that of a snake is both interesting and slightly gross in equal measures.

How hard the skin on your feet is may vary according to your lifestyle, how often you engage in foot care and the type of job you have. For example, if you regularly don your favourite running shoes and smash out a few kilometres to stay healthy, you'll find that your feet harden to your trainers. This confers a few advantages, such as keeping blisters at bay. However, when it comes to looking elegant and feeling sexy, your feet may start to let you down somewhat…

Your footwear plays a role too. When the summer months come around, the hard materials from your flip flops rub against the softer areas of your skin, causing the scleroderma process to speed up. In other words, dead foot skin starts to build up at a scary rate. In turn, this dead skin becomes harder and more callused and thus harder to remove.

 So, if you're sick of your feet looking grim and you'd rather have feet like a baby, now's the time to don those booties containing the transformational liquid peel and enjoy the imminent softness.


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