How to use a foot peel, so it reaches peak efficacy.

Okay, knowing how to use a foot peel is a simple process. However, taking a careful approach allows you to get more out of it, and the timing is especially important if you're keen to maximise the benefits. You’ll also be wanting your feet to peel prior to a holiday or special occasion such as a wedding – not during the event itself – so planning when to use the product is worth considering (a few weeks prior is a good rule of thumb)

First, prep your feet.

Your feet are either going to be packing dust or dirt or both, so soak them for a good ten minutes before applying the booties. You'll do this in warm-to-hot water, which will clean and soften the dead skin and make it easier for the skin to slough away.

After soaking your feet, make sure you dry them. Leaving your feet wet encourages bacteria to grow between the toes, and as far as the foot peel process is concerned, it may dilute the solution and make it less efficient. Remember to rub between the toes.

Some folk has also filed any very tough areas such as heels or the outside of the big toe to ensure maximum benefits before using the peel.

Place your feet into the foot peel booties

Your baby foot peel will come in plastic socks or ‘booties’ for want of another word, which is convenient as you plunge your feet in, tape them to hold the booties in place and then sit back and relax for an hour or so to let the solution work its magic. Dr Kimoto socks are unisex and large enough for both men and women, so if you want the special man in your life to enjoy soft baby feet too, he has no excuses. Oh, and because you get 2 pairs in a pack, then it’s a perfect pamper treatment to do together.

As a little tip, we actually pop a pair of regular socks over the top of the booties. Although the booties are foot-shaped, wearing your own socks brings the solution closer to the skin and allows it to soak in and work its foot peeling magic.

Now it's time to wash and wait.

Now all you need to do is wait for between an hour and an hour-and-a-half, so it’s a perfect opportunity to sit down and catch up on an episode of Game of Thrones or whatever you’re into. If the dead skin on your feet is particularly thick, you might want to use the product for the full 90 minutes to make sure the foot peeling solution has a chance to soak in as much as possible.

Once your time is up, rinse them, pat them dry, and wait for the foot peeling process to begin.

How long does the foot peel take to work?

You wouldn't see the dead skin slough away immediately, although it would be super satisfying if it did work instantly. Most people start to see the benefits within four to five days, at which point your skin will start peeling away as though you're a snake preparing for a new set.

The official line on ‘assisting’ with the peeling process is: No! Don't do it! You'll see the best results if you let it happen naturally. Although it's tempting to tug at the dead skin and help it along - you do run the risk of cuts and abrasions and exposing the new skin before, it’s quite ready to be revealed, which then act as a point of entry for bacteria.

The skin shedding process can last between one and two weeks, depending on the individual and how much dead skin they have on their feet. If you're worried about making a mess, try keeping socks on throughout the day and then remove them at night to see how much skin has come off. You might spend more time hovering than usual, but knowing how to use a foot peel will set you up with soft feet for life.


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